Sagati Tools S.L, Company specialized in the distribution of EDM supplies.
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Sagati Tools offers a range of products and services to cover all your needs at a very competitive price.
We are pleased to offer only high-quality products and services as well as guaranteed delivery nationwide within 48 hours for any reference available in stock.



We have a wide range of wire suitable for all EDM machines (brass, copper and Zinc coated wire). 
Our products feature stable and good performance, high quality and reasonable price.
Available in diameters 0,10 / 0,15 / 0,20 / 0,25 y 0,30 mm and different sizes to suit your specific needs at a particular time

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Download COPPER wire catalog
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Download ZINC COATED wire catalog

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We are the official national distributor of the brand Mann-Hummel in the area of electroerosion.
We provide a full range of filters (metallic and plastic) suitable for all EDM machines.

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EDM spare parts :

We have a large catalog of consumables & accessories for all Electrical discharge machines (EDM):

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Download FANUC catalog
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Download MAKINO catalog
Download MITSUBICHI catalog
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Tubes and electrodes:

We offer the complete range of copper and brass tubes suitable for all applications, in high quality and at low prices. Our tubes come in both Single Hole & Multi-Channel (Coreless).
We also offer copper & tungsten-copper  threaded/tapping electrodes from M2 to M24.

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Ion exchange resins :

In order to maintain a correct conductivity of water, to obtain better working erosion conditions and maximize cutting speeds, we are able to offer our resin which is characterized by high cation exchange capacity.
Our resins are specially designed for water demineralization applications with high Alkalinity to FMA ratios, where complete removal of silica and CO2 in not required.

Download ION EXCHANGE RESIN catalog


Broken tap remover:

Small portable machine that solves problems with broken taps
Nowadays, the remains of the tap can be easily removed from steel, aluminum or any other metal piece. This is the most suitable, quickest and cost-effective method to remove broken taps.

Download TR100 catalog



We are the official national distributor of the brand Carbone Lorraine/Mersen. We have an extensive range of products covering both the so-called Fine grained EDM graphite and Micro-grain EDM graphite
Available in both round and square formats and different sizes to suit your specific needs at a particular time



Comprehensive and highly specialized: Our range comprises fully synthetic fluids with marked flow properties, lubricants, oxide solvents, anticorrosive agents …etc.

If you need additional information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.